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    Information Security: The New Frontier

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Online transactions are common for millions of Americans. Countless individuals choose to do their bank, credit card, and utility accounting services through the Internet. Many companies also keep customer histories and confidential information in large computer databases. Though numerous safeguards have been put into place to prevent this information from begin compromised, breaches can happen if a determined person or group of individuals has the skill to hack into a company’s system. Information security can help prevent this circumstance and the considerable anxiety it can cause for customers.

    What is information security?
    Information security involves the steps a business may take to protect information that could be used for identity theft. These practices might include encryption services, suspicious activity monitoring, or any other methods necessary to safeguard the names, contact information, social security numbers, and other data attached to customers.

    Why is information security growing in importance?
    Over the last several years, many businesses have been victimized by information security breaches. As protective measures have become more sophisticated, so have the skills of criminals. With just a name and social security number, a dishonest person could potentially set up false credit accounts or access the existing funds of an individual. These activities can cost companies and their customers thousands, if not millions of dollars.

    How can you enter the information security field?
    Businesses in all fields and of all sizes need qualified employees who can maintain the security of their online systems. Because of the rising demand for information security specialists, business schools have created special programs that can teach students the most advanced protection practices. To become part of the information security field, you may want to consider seeking a graduate degree program for it.

    The Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business offers an information security program at our Nashville business school. To schedule a meeting to discuss your future at Lipscomb University, call (615) 966-1833. Prospective students can also inquire about their financial aid options, including our full scholarship opportunities. 

    The Importance of Sustainability in Business

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Sustainability is more than a popular catchphrase for current businesses. It represents the transition from outdated systems to streamlined techniques that can benefit companies, their clients, and the public at large. Being part of this modern workplace model demands both a business school background and desire for professional change. The following information highlights how sustainability practices can revolutionize the workplace.

    Reduce Production Costs
    A major attribute of sustainability practices is the significant sum of money that it can save businesses. For instance, construction of green office buildings can cut down on expenses for both heating and cooling. Improving water conservation can also lower the costs that go toward utility needs. Even reducing the amount of materials for packaging products can make a sizeable impact on overall company expenses.

    Pass On Savings to Customers
    When companies have lower overhead costs, they can make their products and services more affordable to customers. Given the struggle that businesses sometimes face when trying to match the fees of their competitors, sustainability practices can make it easier to pass on company savings and garner a larger customer base thanks to more competitive prices.

    Minimize Impact on Environment
    A primary impetus behind sustainability practices is the growing need to conserve the Earth’s natural resources. Aside from the benefit of lessening a company’s carbon footprint, sustainability can result in a better financial bottom line for businesses. As resources become scarcer, costs will increase over the coming years. By lowering the consumption of those natural materials now, companies can ensure that expenses for water, raw materials, and other resources remain affordable years down the road.

    Would you like to learn more about a future in sustainability? Call the Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business at (615) 966-1833 to speak with a representative at our Nashville-based business school. We would be happy to discuss the admissions requirements for our sustainability program.

    One Lipscomb Student's MBA Journey

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Cory Haney is an MBA student at the Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business. This video discusses his experiences as a non-profit management student.

    Cory had the opportunity to visit some non-profit organizations in Vietnam. This experience gave him the chance to see how these enterprises ran their day-to-day operations. He also used these observations to reflect upon his own studies. Cory mentions that writing has been a central aspect of his graduate degree program. As a result, he has become better at expressing his aspirations through a written format.

    Would you like to learn more about the MBA opportunities at the Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business? To set up an appointment at our Nashville campus, call (615) 966-1833.

    How to Finance Your MBA

    Last updated 11 months ago

    If you want to get your master’s degree, multiple financial resources exist to help you attain that goal. Given the variety of options, it can become overwhelming as you try to navigate through the eligibility requirements of each resource. The financial aid department at your business school can help you determine your payment choices.

    Ask About Work-Study Programs
    When you sit down with a financial aid advisor, inquire if work-study options are available through the school’s financial aid program. Work-study usually involves on-campus employment that can help you pay for your graduate degree program. It could comprise general responsibilities around campus, or it could provide work options more closely tied to your master’s program.

    Seek School Scholarships
    Your business school might also offer scholarships based on merit or need. Scholarships are basically free money. If you have an impressive academic background, or if you show financial need, a scholarship could provide a considerable sum of money toward your tuition requirements.

    Look for Grant Opportunities
    A financial aid advisor will likely recommend that you apply for federal government assistance. When you fill out the standard form, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you automatically qualify for all applicable grants. Like scholarships, grants do not require that the beneficiary pay back the money given for a graduate degree program.

    Apply for Student Loans
    Many individuals looking to enter a graduate degree program must use loans to help finance the cost of their education. The FAFSA form enables applicants to request this type of financial aid, which requires repayment at a later date. When comparing interest percentages, federal government loans generally come with highly competitive rates. As you consider your financial aid options, keep in mind the accompanying interest rates of your loans.

    The Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business can help you find the financial resources you need to fund your master’s degree. For more information, call (615) 966-1833. Our Nashville business school offers master’s degree programs in human resources, accountancy, business administration, and other fields.

    What Is the Yellow Ribbon Program?

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business wants to help our nation’s military veterans reach their professional goals. Toward that end, our Nashville business school is proud to be part of the Yellow Ribbon Program. The Yellow Ribbon Program affords veterans and their families the chance to attain master’s degrees. Once the student in question has met our business school’s qualifying regulations, he can enroll to receive his evening MBA or accounting degree. For a fraction of standard tuition prices, we offer MBAs in other disciplines as well. If you or an immediate family member has served in the United States Armed Forces since September 11, 2001, contact our admissions department today to learn more about our Yellow Ribbon Program and how it can benefit you.

    No matter your professional goals, the Lipscomb University Graduate School of Business can help you make them a reality. Our admissions counselors are waiting to hear from you! Call (615) 966-1833 for more information on our master’s degree programs.

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